Social media marketing

Create, manage, and deliver high-performing social media campaigns for your business.

There is no way around it. Your customers are on social media and so should you. To stand out from the competition and noise, the quality and effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts will be the defining factors. Developing a social media strategy with a framework on how to attain your business objectives is the first step. We’ll then develop creative content that resonates with your core audiences and activate the relevant social media channels for your brand. To further amplify our efforts, we’ll advertise engaging content to increase reach and drive conversions.

Strategy & Setup

The process begins with a consultation during which our team will learn about your brand, business, and objectives. We’ll carefully analyze your current and potential audiences through precise target profiling, develop a social media content strategy, recommend adequate advertising budgets, and prepare a detailed roll-out plan for your brand.

Content creation & management

Our creative teams come together to develop the content following your brand guidelines and our recommendations set in the strategy. We’ll work with you to craft your brand storytelling to drive awareness, affinity and conversion.

The content adheres to a monthly planning designed in collaboration with you. This guarantees content variety and maximized organic engagement from your target audience by scheduling its publication on the right day and at the right time. Once your content goes live, we make sure it is seen by the people who matter to you.

Measure & Optimize

We monitor your organic and paid social media performance and optimize it continuously to make sure your campaigns yield the best results. For complete transparency, we provide a monthly report summarizing and analyzing your content and advertising performance.