5 Web Design Trends We Look Forward to in 2019

When it comes to web design, new trends pop up just about every year. There are some classic designs that withstand the test of time, and others that come and go. If you’re the type of company, or designer who wants to stay ahead of the curve on web designs, then look no further.

Below are 5 web design trends we believe will stand out in 2019.

Trend #1: 360 Degree Images & Videos

Want to know how you can stand out from 90% of the crowd with your website? Try including a 360 degree image on your site. Voila! You are now as cool as an ice cube.

Check out Iflymagazine’s eye-popping 360 degree photo.

Another awesome example of a 360 degree website is She-Ra by Dreamswork.

Trend #2: Throwback Retro Designs

Are you a fan of 8bit graphics, vintage colors, and old school polaroid images? Then you’re going to love retro design trends with a modern twist on websites.

One of our favorite retro-themed sites comes from Sea Harvest, an Australian-based seafood market. Sea Harvest took it retro with a newspaper aesthetic that isn’t commonly seen on websites. From the animation gestures between pages to blue highlights on clickable objects, they have captured the essence of a classic newspaper.

Another fun example of retro design comes from Puma promoting their RS-0 shoes with a classic nod to throwback arcade games. Like fashion trends, everyone loves a nostalgic vintage look that is both classic and timeless. This trend seeps into modern web design, and it’s only beginning, so get ready to bring back “the good ol’ days.”

Gif:  Puma RS-0

Trend #3: Overlapping Design Elements

Sometimes a simple overlap of images and text, or an image on top of another image can go a long way on your website. A minimal design can have some flare with overlapping elements. Overlapping elements have been used for years but we believe 2019 will be the year this design technique is heavily utilized on modern minimalist sites.

Trend #4: Minimalism

Regardless of year, this timeless and sound approach to your web design will always remain relevant. Not only is it great for mobile and Google Search, a minimalist approach is typically more responsive and snappy when loading.

There is a whole host of benefits when going with a minimalist design approach. Minimalist websites:

  • Are easy to make responsive

  • Load faster because they contain fewer objects

  • Allow users to concentrate all their attention on the product or service you sell

  • Make navigation intuitive

Trend #5: Chat Messenger

Ever had to scroll through every page of a website looking for the answer to a simple question? Then, not find it and have to send an email or make a phone call you don’t want to? It’s annoying and you shouldn’t have to.

Reducing user friction on websites through the use of live chat integrations is growing everyday. Whether it’s a chatbot or human, such features allow visitors to seamlessly connect with your brand without having to search high and low for content. Getting assistance via chat is fast, convenient, and increases your chances of converting leads.

Wrapping Up

There you go folks, your 2019 web design trends. Which design do you think will be popular? Will you be using any of these design trends in 2019? Let us know in the comments below.

Want to implement one of these designs, but don’t have the time? Let us help you.