10 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs a Website

Did you know that nearly 50% of small businesses don't have a website? Did you also know that about 60% of consumers will stop considering a business if they can't find information about it online?

Many business owners cite the following three reasons why they don't have a website or online presence: money, time, and expertise.

Bottom-line is if you want to be found, you've got to be present. Here are ten reasons why your company needs a website:

Credibility and brand development

A website is a basic prerequisite for having a professional brand image. It’s an expectation modern consumers have. Consider this - of the ten people you’ve met recently, how many of them have a website? Of those that do, did your perception of their professionalism change? Did they get more credibility points? Would you prefer to do business with them versus the person who didn’t have a website?

Most people perform online research before making a purchase or committing to your business. Especially, if it’s a major consideration. They’re looking for you on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Having a comprehensive online presence increases your credibility and probability of converting a potential customer.

Your competition has one

Yep, it’s true. Your competition has a website and if you don’t, you’re losing traffic to your competitors. Simply put, no website, no consideration. You’re giving your competitors an easy run for their money. Having a Facebook Business or personal page does not constitute an online presence. You need a professional platform that communicates your brand, story, and offerings.

Showcase your products and services

Whether you sell lip balm or lip enhancement surgery, providing more information and a channel for prospects to ask questions will make your brand more memorable. Even if you don’t sell your products and services online, it serves to provide an overview of what you offer, so that when a potential customer is ready to buy, they have the information they need.

Answer basic questions

A website helps to answer all of the basic questions your customers are asking such as what your hours are, what your menu consists of, the specials you’re currently offering, and more. By having this information readily available, you can reduce the amount of time spent responding to general questions and reallocate that time to being more productive and focusing on other tasks.

Control your narrative

You might not be able to control what others say about you on social media, but you can influence public perception through content on your website. By crafting your brand story through videos, case studies, reports, and blog posts, you can communicate your message with minimal external influence.  

Increase your reach for less

There are billions of internet users in the world. Realistically, they all won’t rush to your website but if you had even a fraction of a percent, that’s a considerable amount of traffic. Without a website, you’re limited to the social media platforms you use. A website instantly increases your reach potential for less than you’d spend on other forms of marketing.

You’re always “open” for business

Want to make money while you sleep? If you sell a product or service, you can. Having an e-commerce store or similar allows you to generate sales and leads around the clock. Although you may have a 9AM-5PM work schedule, your customers may be shopping late into the night. Additionally, not being restricted to a geographic location creates more opportunities to boost sales.

Once you’ve got this system in place, you can combine your website with marketing tools such as email marketing, search engine advertising, and social media advertising to generate repeat business and reach new customers.

SEO and search engine suggestions

People are searching for you. Your job it to make it easier for them. Having a website means you can optimize it to appear in search engine results pages (SERPs). According to United States B2C Ecommerce Country Report, 88% of people perform online research before making a purchase either online or in-store. If you don’t have a website, the chances of you appearing are zero. So, if you want to be found, you need a website.

Market your offers

Announcements about special offers, sales, and events can easily get buried in your social media timeline. Thus, having a dedicated website ensures your customers have easy access to this information without having to spend time scrolling through past social media posts. Not to say you shouldn’t promote your offers on social media, it’s just a matter of making sure your bases are covered and process easier for your audience.

Improve conversions and customer experience

Connecting your website to tools such as Google Analytics will provide you with data on your website’s performance and how visitors interact with it. Gathering these insights allows you to improve the user experience and experiment with high performing content and products.

Wrapping up

Small or large, food or apparel, having a website for your business is a must. In today’s society, it goes without saying that consumers are actively searching for and learning about the brands they hope to engage. Not only does it influence your brand’s credibility but directly impacts a customer’s decision to conduct business with you. Your website is like an online billboard where you can introduce new products, services, and offers. Bottom-line -- create a seamless experience and make it easy for a customer to give you their money.

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